Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Auckland Mayor

Not far from here, a big city mayor, who had just been elected for another three years, announced that he had been having an affair for more than a year.

The political pundits say his private life is irrelevant, because he is good at his job. The problem is that they do not understand the spiritual side of life. When a man commits adultery, he opens himself up to spirits of deception and spirits of manipulation.

When these spirits get hold of a person with political authority, they amplify their power. All the people who have submitted to their political power are opened up to the same spirit.

So the mayor’s private affair has a much greater effect than the pundits realise. We can expect to see these spirits manifesting throughout the city over the next few years.

Remember, when people submit to a political leader, they are also submitting to the spirits that control him, whether principalities and powers, or common and garden variety evil spirits.

Most people would be wary of submitting to a man with a spirit of deception, but those who voted for the mayor have just done that.

This is why democracy is spiritually dangerous. If a dictator takes control of our nation, we do not need to submit to him. However, in a democracy we submit to whomever the process throws up, simply by voting. We do not know who we will end up submitting to.

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Haydn McCormick said...

How sad for Auckland. The whole country is going downhill so fast I'm glad we got out when we did.Do you think Christians have stopped praying? why do you think NZ which has in the past prided itself with being 'world leaders' think Nuclear free, Homosexual marriage (before Aus)the All blacks world cup campaign , Team NZ yachting , has ended up leading in depravity and judgement and wrath?